Andrea's Pixie Hollow Party

Every little girl dream about having a magical, dreamy and enchanting party and there is nothing more magical than an enchanted forest party. Think Pixie Hollow.
My daughter turned 6 last week and she wanted an enchanted fairy party. Perfect! Actual party and party-box photo shoot all in one shot – saving me a ton of time! I didn’t want it to be a Disney fairy type so I picked a lavender, gold, green colour scheme. I wanted it to look like the fairies were having a lovely tea party in the middle of the flower field. Yes, flower fairies!


You can find plenty of fairy-themed invitations on Etsy. I needed something darling and vintage to match our Flower Fairy Party, something like the flower fairies by Cicerly Mary Barker…and then I stumbled upon an invitation design by Hip Hip Hooray.
Because I needed to change the wording on the invitation, I purchased the downloadable PDF version and used Photoshop to remove all the existing wording to add in our own wording. Yes, all those years of web and print design does come in handy.

Choosing the perfect setting

The Pixie Hollow makes a wonderful outdoor party theme. My original inspiration for the party was an outdoor garden party. But we live in a townhouse and we don’t have an outdoor space big enough to hold a party so we had to bring the outdoors inside.
Moss is an essential element for an authentic, outdoors feel. Or, try a grass table runner! An indoor party space can easily be transferred into a woodland setting when you decorate with tree branches, floral accessories and greenery. And, don’t forget to add a whimsical touch to your party with glitter accented décor.

Dressing up the table

We got a grass table runner and laid it along the length of the table. For the centerpiece on the table, we found the perfect, inexpensive fairy decorations from Michael's. We also transformed a few mason jars into glittery light-up fairy jars. Next, vases for the silk flowers and plants – we used votive and tealight holders, and kept the colours of the flowers to lavender, white and blush.
Finally, we sprinkled moss, vintage keys, pebbles and vase fillers, and wood slices all over the table, and we laid a couple of string lights (in warm white) along all the decorations.
On the wall, we used ribbons and artificial vines as a backdrop. We kept the balloons to a minimal - only four jumbo balloons, but we decorated them with vines and ribbons. 


    Dressing up is half the fun at an enchanted party. If you want to go all out, you can supply tutus, flower tiaras, elf hats and fairy wings for the kids to dress up in. Of course, you don’t have to supply entire ensembles – just wings or tiaras are more than enough.
    For our party, we simply asked guests to arrive in their fairy best (wings and/or tutus). And with a little faith and pixie dust (and a few bunches of silk flowers, greenery, glitter, and a whole lotta glue) we created this for the birthday girl.

    Setting the Table

    Talking Table’s Truly Fairy collection is a perfect fit for our lavender-green-gold flower fairy party theme.
    All these can be found in the Popper Box Pixie Hollow Party box.
    If you want to add a little extra fancy to the party table, glass goblets are an excellent option.
    We found these drinking goblets on Amazon. You can also find beautiful pink goblets here. Of course, you can use disposable plastic wine glasses.

    Party Food

    I remember reading somewhere that fairies love berries! Alrighty then, a huge platter of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries!
    We also got some raspberry marshmallows, custom sugar cookies, cupcakes and a gorgeous strawberry cake, and we served sparkling blueberry lemonade in the pink goblets.

    Fairy Fun

    There is so much magical fun you can have at a fairy party. You could play old-fashioned streamers maypole, set up a craft table with sparkly bits to make magical bracelets, have a fairy tea party in the garden, or paint fairy houses.
    For our party, we ordered a bunch of glass beads and charms from Amazon and Etsy, and picked up a few packages of memory wire from Michael's for the girls to make fairy bracelets. 
    Then, Tinkerbell made a surprise visit and got the girls dancing and singing (and some story time) for a full hour!
    We actually had planned for the girls to make a fairy jar, but we ran out of time. (We will show you an easy way to make one in another post)
    The party was gorgeous, and most importantly, the girls had a blast! This was definitely one of the best parties we've designed to date.