Somewhere over the rainbow...

I grew up in the 80s where there was an abundance of cartoons that heavily feature rainbows: Care Bears, My Little Pony and Rainbow Brite (she's still one of my favorites!) So, when it was time to develop new party boxes for 2019, the rainbow party was #1 on the list.

And here you go, the PopperBox Rainbow Party Box.


The colour palette of this party box is rainbow on clouds: white and sunshine yellow with pops of rainbow. The main design elements were airy clouds and sunshine. 

I started with a white tablecloth and set the table with white and yellow paper plates. For drinkware, I chose a colour-changing cloud straw to go with the clear plastic milk bottle. To brighten up the table, I chose these beautiful rainbow napkins by Talking Tables. 

For the table centerpiece, 6 single balloons attached to individual white bubble balloon weights with simple natural twine. 

In case you're wondering about the white fluff on the table, it's polyester fiber (ie. fiber fill for stuffed toys). Simply fluff them out and lay them on the table to create an airy, up-in-the-clouds feel. 

This party-for-8 box is now ready to be shipped at $149. For a list of all the included items, please visit the PopperBox Rainbow Party Box page.