Hello. We are Popper Box Co.

The Store

PopperBoxCo.com is not just your ordinary online party shop. It is a space, a workshop, where we bring together pretty finds and brilliant inspirations to create parties that will 'oooooh' and 'aaaaah' your guests. 

The Idea

It all started in 2018. I was at Michael's getting last-minute party pieces for my daughter's unicorn party, and I overheard the gentleman in front of me telling the cashier that his wife had just put him in charge of their daughter's birthday party. Seven hundred dollars later, he got himself a cart full of mismatched shades of pink and enough items to throw two, or even three, more parties.

When creating parties for our own kids, we always struggle to find products that are both accessible and well-priced. Don’t you hate it when you find a gorgeous item only to be told that you need to either drive across the border to get it or buy an entire crate of it. No, I don’t need 100 shiny chrome mauve balloons!!

Throwing a kid's party should be fun and affordable.

What makes us special

We spent several months developing party themes and sourcing products and suppliers. Yes, we spied on our competitors, too. Oh, that plate is gorgeous, wonder where they got it from?

Soon, we realized that it is not enough to just sell quality party products – there were already so many such stores on the Internet. We revisited our party boxes and realized they were all missing one very important ingredient – handcrafted creatives. We set out to find handcrafted items that not only elevate the ooooh-ness of our party box, but most of all, bring a special touch to our parties. Popper Box Co. is a proud supporter of Canadian artisans.

Our hope is that our party boxes will bring back the joy of celebrating all of life’s big and small events, and help you create not just beautiful parties, but wonderful memories (or at the very least, beautiful Instagram-worthy pictures) that you and your guests will treasure for many years.